Enduring warmth
& character

Instantly recognizable in its polished form, the deep golden tones of bronze have been used to denote luxury and prestige for centuries.

Natural, unlacquered bronze has what is known as a ‘living finish’.  This means it will change over time as the bronze is exposed to oxygen, natural oils in human skin and other environmental factors.  The development of this natural patina affords bronze a high degree of protection against corrosion.

During the bronze manufacturing process, it’s possible to influence the final color and uniformity of this natural patina by exposing the bronze to specific chemicals.  This enables us to offer our architectural bronze products in a range of classic and contemporary colors.

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Natural Unbrushed Finish

Our most characterful, living finish, with no polishing or lacquering of the surface. Over time, the natural patina develops organically, creating a richly authentic and aged feel.

Natural Brushed Finish

Finished using a mechanical brushing process for a characteristic golden color with a soft, semi-matte sheen. A more contemporary look that tends to develop a more uniform patina.

Charcoal Finish

A dark, grey-black finish that adapts effortlessly to contemporary, period and industrial-style architecture. The multi-dimensional finish allows the underlying color of the bronze to shine.

Chestnut Finish

A rich brown-black reminiscent of antique bronze that has aged to a deep, warm hue. The finish is not flat – golden bronze tones peek through on edges and profiles for a softly worn look.

Slate Finish

A soft, mid-gray shade, slate is the perfect choice for creating a low-contrast design aesthetic and lends itself perfectly to period and country-style architecture.

Custom Finish

Looking for the innate strength and corrosion resistance of bronze in a standard color finish to match existing windows or other design elements? Discover our custom powder coating service.

The Patination Process

Watch to see our bronze patination process in action

Our Dealers

We’re proud to partner with innovative window, kitchen, bathroom and wine cellar dealers nationwide, tapping into their hands-on expertise to bring the beauty and distinctiveness of genuine solid bronze to discerning homeowners, architects and designers.

In the majority of cases, your Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze journey will begin in one of their inspiring showrooms.  Our dealer network also provides measurement, delivery and installation (MDI) services worldwide.


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