The Natural Beauty of Patina Finishes

The Natural Beauty of Patina Finishes

Unlocking The Natural Beauty of Bronze

When it comes to creating the most authentic bronze windows, wine cellars, doors, shower doors and enclosures, our name says it all. Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze takes great care to ensure everything we craft is built to a standard that exceeds expectations. It’s this design philosophy that ensures our products not only achieve an elevated sense of elegance, but add real value to the spaces their in too. By staying true to the natural beauty of bronze, we’ve unlocked something unique – and the secret lies in our genuine patina finishes. Read on to learn about our authentic patina process.

Patina: An Overview

Over time, bronze develops a thin yet resilient exterior layer as metals within the bronze come into contact with air (a process called oxidation). This exterior coating provides a protective barrier to metals like bronze that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering. From something as small as a coin to a national landmark like the Statue of Liberty, the patina process is both natural and timeless.

In fact, patina has been beloved and desired around the world for thousands of years, from ancient Mesopotamia to some of today’s most iconic buildings. The beauty of its greenish-blue hues combined with a resilience that only gets stronger over time makes patina a distinctive bronze attribute – and is one that makes this high copper alloy so demanded.

Our Patina Process

Though many consider patina to be a finish or finishing touch, the Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze patina process essentially starts long before our products are placed in the assembly area. It begins with raw pieces of genuine solid bronze. As mentioned in the Behind The Scenes: Our Shower Door Design Process blog post, the first step in our patina process is to hand-brush the bronze on all sides.

Our craftspeople guide each bronze extrusion through multiple spindles to break down its factory coating and prime the bronze for our signature patina solution. This brushing technique removes the standard copper or brass coloring and causes pores in the bronze to open up – making the material easier to work with while quickening oxidation. It’s an essential part of the patina process and the foundation of our products’ beautiful aesthetic.

The Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze patina aging solution is the secret to unlocking the incredible tones and hues of authentic bronze. It is a holistic approach that exposes exquisite natural colors hidden within the bronze itself, all of which would remain unseen if a standard finish was applied. Each of our bronze extrusions is bathed in this solution to accelerate the patina process, making it darker and bringing out its greenish-blue hues in a significantly shorter time.

We carefully monitor every piece to achieve our purchasers’ desired tones, be it dark charcoal or chestnut. This natural patina process also leads to distinctive details and intricacies that vary slightly from piece to piece, meaning no two pieces are ever identical – they are all perfectly imperfect. Moreover, we offer custom patina options for those wanting to create standout products that are even more unique. We work alongside purchasers from the onset to match any interior aesthetic and help them bring their dream design visions to life.

Rather than using traditional finishes like many other bronze window manufacturers or fabricators, we celebrate the authentic beauty of bronze through a truly natural process. We are committed to offering purchasers the most genuin solid bronze products available, and strive to realize even the most ambitious design aspirations. Contact us today to learn more about our patina options & products, and find dealers in Austin TX, Phoenix or San Francisco.

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