Getting Started With Finishes

Getting Started With Finishes

From raw extrusions to finished products, we do everything we can to stay true to the authentic beauty and value of bronze. Beyond procuring materials of the finest quality and refining them through expert hand craftsmanship, we take great care to ensure the appeal of our products is unblemished in the most natural way possible. That’s where our incredible range of finishes comes in.

We work closely with our customers to create bespoke custom products that match their desired design aesthetic, add value to the spaces they’re in and ultimately bring their design visions to life. Read on to learn how our wide array of finishes gives discerning designers and luxury homeowners nearly limitless creative freedom to create their dream bespoke bronze products.

Living Patina

Living patina is one of the most popular natural finish options and is available on all Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze products. In short, bronze develops a thin but extremely durable exterior layer as metals within it come into contact with the air – through a process called oxidation. This exterior coating protects the bronze from water damage, weathering, and even prevents the buildup of bacteria. As a result, patinaed bronze is a lifetime finish requiring minimal maintenance.

What’s more, patina creates a beautiful natural appeal that only enhances over time. As the bronze ages, the color and texture transform to create an aesthetic that’s unique to each individual piece of bronze. We use a signature patina solution to accelerate this process according to each purchaser’s design vision, allowing us to create one-of-a-kind products every time. Learn more about living patina and our signature patina process in our previous blog post, The Natural Beauty of Patina Finishes.

Powder Coating & Clear Powder Coating

The powder coating process uses an electric charge to fuse dry powder onto the surface of our genuine solid bronze extrusions and is then heated to ensure a smooth and even coating throughout. Traditional powder coating can be achieved in a wide variety of colors, while clear powder coating creates a transparent finish using the same process.

Being such a versatile process, the sky’s the limit when it comes to color options. Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze collaborates with purchasers to determine which tones will fit their spaces best in order to bring their design visions to life. We even offer complete color matching on all of our powder coat finished products – and everything from the frame, hinges, handles and hardware can have the same consistent finish. Powder-coated and clear powder-coated finishes can last 10 years or more before retouching may be required.

Unlacquered Finish

This type of finish is similar to our living patina finish but with one key difference. Simply put, an unlacquered finish doesn’t use any protective coating. Unlike our patina solution that naturally protects the bronze from the onset, this “finish” reflects the colors and tones of each bronze extrusion and is the most natural option available. Unlacquered bronze will still oxidize over time and develop a patina, however, this is often a lengthy process that can take years. It is an excellent choice for those who want a natural look that changes and evolves with them as time goes on. Finally, it should be noted that humidity, salt and weathering all have an impact on how quickly unlacquered bronze patinates – meaning designers and homeowners should think about the environmental conditions of their spaces when considering an unlacquered bronze finish.

Contact us to learn more about our finishing options and process, and browse our website to discover genuine solid bronze products or request a quote today!

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