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The innate durability and natural corrosion resistance of solid bronze makes it a luxurious and practical alternative to steel, offering a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free performance.

With their elegant profiles and characterful patina, our solid bronze windows and doors allow beautiful architecture to sing – maximizing natural light, framing views and forging strong connections between indoors and out while complementing both heritage and contemporary design.

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Great fenestration design captures and manipulates the elusive qualities of light, illuminating fine details, emphasising shadows and reflections, creating volume or intimacy, and directing the gaze.

Entrance Doors

Invitingly elegant entrance doors that enhance kerb appeal.

Casement Windows

Practical casements that promote natural ventilation while retaining a super-slim profile.

Fixed Windows

Frame views with the simplicity and incredibly narrow sightlines of our fixed windows.

Feature Doors

Choose from single or double doors for indoors and out, paired with light-catching transoms and sidelights.

Window Walls

Blur the boundaries with an expansive window wall that allows indoor space to flow effortlessly into the landscape beyond.

Folding Doors

Contemporary & space saving bi-folding doors for indoors and out.

Sliding Doors

Feather-light sliding doors ideal for open-plan interiors or outdoor access.

Specialty Windows & Doors

Pivot doors, hand-crank doors – whatever your creative vision, our experts can help make it a reality.


At Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze, we offer bespoke design that gives architects, designers and homeowners complete freedom.

Our in-house manufacturing expertise means that from simple bronze window and door profiles to showstopping architectural features, we have the ability to realize your vision.

Narrow sightlines

Bronze is a naturally hard alloy which means it can be extruded into very slender forms without losing structural integrity.

This gives bronze windows and doors the narrowest sightlines of any fenestration system, for a truly elegant aesthetic that complements traditional, historic and contemporary buildings alike.

Thermally broken

Timeless design meets 21st century performance in our highly efficient, thermally broken window and door frames.

We use a system of polyamide ISO strips to thermally break our profiles, for improved dimensional stability and thermal efficiency over time.

Luxury finishes

As a copper alloy, bronze has the unique ability to protect itself against corrosion by developing a natural surface patina.

By manipulating this natural process in our factory, we can influence the final color and uniformity of the patina without compromising its durability. As a result, we’re able to offer our window and door frames in four color and two natural finishes.

Attention to detail

All Renaissance window and door systems are carefully manufactured by hand in our San Antonio workshop.
Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the solid bronze frames themselves through to the locks, hinges and glazing that transform them into functioning architectural fixtures.

Genuine Muntin Bars

Our windows feature genuine muntin bars that divide the window aperture into separate, individually-glazed panes known as true divided lites. This traditional method lends character and authenticity to the finished window.


Locks & Hinges

Renaissance window and door frames are fitted with solid bronze multi-point locks and matching hinges, for seamless aesthetics and assured security. Our lock plates are custom engraved with the Renaissance logo as a final flourish.



Our windows and doors are wet glazed by hand for superior waterproofing. We offer double and triple glazing options as well as low-e and laminated glass to ensure optimal value and thermal efficiency depending on the project requirements.

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"A small manufacturer that does amazing work. Our wine cellar enclosure turned out beautiful! "

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