We’re An Architect’s First Choice For Genuine Solid Bronze

We’re An Architect’s First Choice For Genuine Solid Bronze

Stephanie Eugster: Project Case Study

Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze has been privileged to work on luxurious residential and restaurant projects across America. But to us, there’s no greater honor than being chosen by architects to help create inspired spaces for their projects. Stephanie Eugster of the American Institute of Architects chose us to complete an intimate bathroom space in her client’s Texas home. As a distinguished designer and architect, Stephanie’s acclaimed work is praised throughout San Antonio – with projects like this Monte Vista bathroom redesign rightfully becoming newsworthy. She’s been an admirer of our bespoke designs and natural finishes for years, and was the one who advised us to start designing luxury bronze shower doors in the first place. So, it’s no surprise Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze was Stephanie’s first choice for the bathroom redesign of her client’s upscale private residence in Alamo Heights, Texas.

The Brief

Stephanie’s design vision was to create an inviting bathroom that exuded elegance and modern functionality. Her concept sought to combine a range of elements like wood, stone, brass and bronze to evoke a natural sense of ease while using high-level finishes to refine a space that was both inviting and inspiring. Further, everything here had to fit within the visual motifs established throughout her client’s upscale residence – creating a comprehensive look that was truly design-forward.

The Challenge

Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze had to consider every design detail to complete Stephanie’s desired feel of a contemporary European spa. Because our products were to be included in such a boutique space, our main challenge here was to reduce the physical and visual weight of our exterior product line to harmonize with this bathroom’s natural aesthetic. We collaborated with Stephanie on several custom shower door concepts before we found the perfect fit.

The Solution

Our ultra-narrow bronze shower door frame was the ideal platform to create a bespoke bronze solution tailored to Stephanie’s design vision. We incorporated our Cove Glass Bead into a two-sided cap for the perimeter of the glass panel – marrying modern appeal with the timeless luxury of our genuine bronze. This concept significantly reduced overall weight by eliminating the need for a sash frame, offering clean sightlines while maintaining total functionality. We also bathed each piece of the bronze frame in our natural patina solution – a process that brings out a range of colors that are authentic to the genuine tones of our bronze, without the use of a finishing coating.

The Response

Stephanie was thrilled we created a custom shower door that matched her overall design vision of a contemporary European spa. She loved how the authentic bronze framework complimented this bathroom’s wood and stone accents while elevating the unlacquered brass finishes featured on the taps and accessories. Everything here culminates in a bathroom space that harmonizes with the overall design of this residence, and surpassed the upscale expectations of an acclaimed architect like Stephanie Eugster.

There’s a reason Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze is the first choice for discerning designers and luxury homeowners. Download our catalog to learn more about our shower doors and other genuine solid bronze products, or contact us today to find dealers in Austin TX, Phoenix, or San Francisco.

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