Creation of the Wine Cellar

Creation of the Wine Cellar


Even if you don’t have an entire room to devote to your wine collection, there are plenty of ways to improvise.You can have a great idea for a wine cellar; but if you have nowhere to put it, you’re stuck at a dead end. Here are some creative places to add a wine cellar throughout your home:

  • Wet bar
  • Enclosed in a open living area
  • Library
  • Front entryway
  • Basement
  • Dining room area
  • Closet
  • Under the stairs

Or, if you’re really feeling creative, tear down a wall and put a cellar wherever you want! When you’re willing to relocate some things or push some furniture aside, you can add a wine cellar virtually anywhere. However, you need to make sure that the area is cool enough to keep the wine from going bad and doesn’t have too much sunlight. That’s why corners are usually a good choice.

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