Wine & a warm welcome in Ledger, North Carolina

Wine & a warm welcome in Ledger, North Carolina

Tucked away in the rural neighborhood of Ledger, near Bakersfield in North Carolina, the focus of this stunning transitional family home is easy living – a welcoming environment where kids, dogs and friends can come in and feel instantly at home.

Built in a classic Queen Anne style, with a steeply pitched roof, dormer windows, and decorative porches, the interior was created by the team at Purple Cherry Interior Design and designed to complement the distinctive vernacular of this luxury home.

A serene palette of blues, greys and neutrals throughout creates a restful, cohesive feel, while thoughtful use of texture and pattern ensures the interior is never bland.

Rustic yet refined

Custom woodworking features heavily; chunky exposed beams, streamlined bespoke cabinetry and classic wall panelling all combine to create an interior that is rustic yet refined, with more than a subtle nod to the New England-adjacent character of this Atlantic coast state.

Another recurring theme in the property is light – it floods in through tall windows and charming dormers, pours down a cleverly designed stairwell and illuminates open plan spaces where large expanses of glazing have been used to blur the lines between the house and its charming country garden.

In one such zone, an intimate dining room with convivial round table and tufted, upholstered chairs, we were asked to design a bespoke bronze wine cellar that would be in keeping with the understated rustic style of the house while also enhancing what is a truly occasion-worthy space.

Twin wine cellars

Featuring a double-width cased opening leading onto the landing beyond with deep alcoves either side, the dining room was ideally figured for the addition of not one but two identical wine cellar enclosures, working together to further frame the entrance to the room and create a real sense of grandeur as you approach.

We used our Nexus range to configure the twin, temperature-controlled enclosures, with a thermally-broken frame profile and silicone bulb weatherstripping to make each enclosure as energy-efficient as possible.

Wine-safe glass

The frames are finished in our hand-rubbed charcoal patina and feature specialist wine-safe UV glass since the enclosures are overlooked by a large window wall overlooking the garden. This wine-specific glazing removes a spectrum of UV light, protecting the wine from exposure to UV rays from the window wall.

Internally, each enclosure has been finished with yet more bespoke cabinetry and wine storage racks, with internal lighting to make a real feature of the bottles.

This tailor-made solution was made possible because of our capacity for custom design – we worked closely with the team at Purple Cherry to configure the enclosures precisely for this home and this space, achieving a look and feel that is perfectly in keeping with the wider interior aesthetic.

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