Behind The Scenes: Our Shower Door Design Process

Behind The Scenes: Our Shower Door Design Process

The Shower Door Design Journey

We believe in creating products that add real value to the spaces they’re in. Master craftsmanship, premium materials and close collaboration with dealers and purchasers culminate in bronze shower doors that exceed expectations. Our products go through a comprehensive design process that considers even the smallest details. Join us on the design journey of our bespoke bronze shower doors as we go in-depth from the initial concept to the finished product.

Working  With Dealers & Purchasers

The design journey of our genuine solid bronze shower doors begins with our purchasers. Whether it’s a homeowner restoring the bathroom of a cherished heritage home or a designer planning a contemporary new bathroom space, they determine nearly every design choice. And the first step towards creating a dream bathroom space is connecting with our dealers. We are proud to have an extensive dealer network throughout Austin, Phoenix and San Francisco, giving luxury homeowners and discerning designers access to the finest shower doors available – all from Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze.

We work with our dealers to offer complete Measure, Deliver & Install (MDI) services, so the entire specifying process is taken care of by experienced contractors near each project site. Purchasers collaborate with dealers and ourselves from the onset to discuss their space layouts, inspirations and design motifs to create a custom bronze product. In this manner, we ensure that every purchaser receives an original shower door that addresses their unique needs and wants.

The range of Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze shower doors is extensive which makes purchaser communication and collaboration integral to the design process. Our simple Request A Quote form plays a key part in starting the conversation. In short, this form quickly gathers all the important project information like location, measurements, door swing type, desired patina finish, if elevations are required and more. In addition, purchasers can also add any relevant project notes and even attach drawings or inspirational photos to help us better understand their overall design vision.

By evaluating a purchaser’s floor plan and design inspirations together, we can determine which shower door style will suit them best while navigating the space restrictions of their bathrooms. From Sliding to Steam Transom, Regular Transom and Sidelite shower doors, our expert knowledge guides purchasers every step of the way. We remove any uncertainty and inspire confidence in all of their product and design choices.

Quote Review & Shop Drawings

Once we receive the completed Request A Quote form, we carefully review it and make note of any questions we may have or if additional information is required from the purchaser. We then consult our product price book and create a quote for the project. After the purchaser signs off on the quote, we put pen to paper and begin our shop drawings. This is an important step in the design process as it gives us a visual representation of how a purchaser’s custom shower door will fit within their bathroom space. We create multiple variations of shop drawings until we find the perfect fit, before giving it to the purchaser for their review and approval. Then we gather the raw materials, and production begins.

Production Starts

All of our shower doors are crafted from genuine solid bronze that we procure from our suppliers. What starts as authentic pieces of raw bronze becomes a high-quality showpiece through expert craftsmanship and precision construction. The first step in the production process is using one of our Cut to Length Saws. As the name suggests, this tool trims large bronze extrusions to match the dimensions stated on the shop drawing. For smaller parts, we have a number of Vertical Mills and a dedicated CNC (Calculated Numerical Control) area that allows our craftspeople to make incredibly fine adjustments or corrections. Even the smallest details are seen and considered to create bespoke products that function seamlessly.

After the extrusions are cut to length and gathered together, we put each one through a special machine to make them workable. The machine brushes the bronze on all sides with several spindles to break down the factory coating. This process can similarly be done by hand as our craftspeople guide the extrusions through table-mounted spindles. Pores in the bronze begin to open up as the base copper/brass-colored glazing is removed – making it much easier to mold the bronze to spec as well as bring out a variety of custom patina finishes. Once each extrusion has been brushed and made workable, it is then bathed in our signature patina aging solution.

Unlike other bronze manufacturers or fabricators, none of our premium bronze products use an applied finish. Instead, we use holistic methods to express a unique variety of colors and tones that are natural within the bronze itself. By doing so, we stay true to this material’s authenticity and ensure our products are as genuine as possible. This is accomplished with our distinctive patina aging solution mentioned above. Bronze extrusions are submerged in this solution to accelerate the patina process – making it darker over time and tastefully bringing out the patina’s telltale green-blue hues. The duration each extrusion will spend in this patina solution will vary depending on the purchaser’s design choice. We also offer custom patina options for those wanting something completely unique.

When the patina process is complete, the large and small pieces are ready for assembly and brought to the assembly area. Everything here is put together to nearly resemble the finished product. The glass is fully framed by bronze extrusions with authentic built-in muntin bars, creating a stronger and visually striking design. We also apply a factory sealant to the purchaser’s choice of ¼” or ⅜” Shower Guard Glass for high waterproofing and durability. After it’s assembled and sealant is applied, the shower door is ready for the finishing touches and delivery.

Finishing Touches & Delivery

The first part of the finishing stage involves cleaning the glass. We carefully remove any excess sealant, dirt or smudges from the glass surface to ensure it’s in pristine condition before shipping. Next, we touch up the patina finish by hand. Though the bronze extrusions are bathed in our patina solution, it’s necessary to assess them again for any inconsistencies in the finish. At this stage, the shower door is essentially complete though one final step is needed. We take the assembled shower door into our quality control room, or Grey Room as we call it, for testing. This process is especially useful for unique custom designs as it guarantees the shower door will meet the purchaser’s expectations before shipping.

Once the shower door is tested and meets our quality standards, it is carefully packaged in custom cardboard and placed by hand into protective crates. These crates are then loaded onto a Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze sprinter van and hand-delivered to the project site. This personal service is essential to the integrity of our products as our drivers can carefully monitor each one throughout shipping – significantly reducing the risk of damage and making the delivery process faster overall.

From the initial concept to the finished product, we carefully consider every detail to ensure our shower doors meet the aspirations of luxury homeowners and inspiring designers. We work closely alongside both dealers and purchasers throughout the design process to create bespoke products anyone would be proud to call their own. Contact us today to learn more about our bronze shower doors and find a dealer in Austin TX, Phoenix or San Francisco.

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