Designing for Clint Garwood, Founder & Principal of Garwood Architecture

Designing for Clint Garwood, Founder & Principal of Garwood Architecture


With our headquarters based in San Antonio, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze is privileged to collaborate with some of the most innovative and inspiring designers and architects in Texas. We recently had the unique opportunity to work with architect Clint Garwood, the founder and principal of Garwood Architecture, on an exciting new shower door project for his family home in Austin, Texas. Clint’s architecture firm is a boutique operation specializing in thoughtful, timeless residential design. From Mid-century modern designs like his Monterey, California project or traditional colonial builds like his Beverly Road project, Clint’s versatility allows him to create breathtaking interior and exterior designs in essentially every style imaginable.

So, it was quite the honor to be his first choice for the bathroom redesign of his private residence. RGS Bronze collaborated closely with Clint to bring his unique design vision to life – and the results are extraordinary. Read on to learn how we designed and create a bespoke MOOI shower door for one of the finest architects in Texas.

The Brief

Clint Garwood’s eclectic taste and unique sense of style is not only apparent through his projects, but strikes you immediately upon entering his residence. With regard to the redesign of his downstairs spa area, we took a minimalist approach to ensure our MOOI shower door fit seamlessly within Clint’s established aesthetic and complemented the dark, natural hughes featured throughout this space.

The Design

From the initial design request to the many iterations of shop drawings, the space layout concept and all the way to the finished product, Clint’s design vision can be expressed in one word — sleek. That’s why MOOI was his first choice. We collaborated together to specially design and handcraft a genuine solid bronze shower door using premium quality materials to offer an ultra-narrow sightline and superb functionality.

Everything from the hinges to the handles is built from authentic bronze extrusions which we refined into the elegant showpiece it is today. These bronze extrusions frame a single pane of premium Shower Glass, a special grade of glass that is significantly more resistant to water damage, stains and marks. Finally, Clint chose to have the frame finished in a natural brushed for a clean, natural look that blended beautifully with the various shades of green already in place here. and matched the unlaquered brass faucets.

The Result

The MOOI shower door we designed for Clint’s private residence was a true showpiece that undoubtedly adds value to this space. Clint and his family were so pleased with our work that he is planning to feature this space as one of his showroom pieces, and is very excited to use our MOOI products elsewhere. It was a true priviledge planning, designing and handcrafting a genuine bronze product for an acclaimed local architect like Clint Garwood, and we are looking forward to many more exciting collaborations soon to come.

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