Wine Cellars: A Walkthrough

Wine Cellars: A Walkthrough

Wine connoisseurs, discerning designers and luxury homeowners understand the significance of proper storage when it comes to preserving and enhancing cherished bottles. Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze wine cellar doors offer a remarkable combination of functionality and elegance to ensure every wine collection receives the treatment it deserves.

Our Revival, Nexus, Omnia and Luxe product lines are the perfect platforms for creating custom wine cellars that suit any style and need – while adding true value to the spaces they’re in. Discover everything our genuine solid bronze wine cellar doors have to offer as we dive into each of our product lines.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze is proud to handcraft a range of bespoke bronze wine cellar doors that reach the highest standards of elegance and value. Beyond its inherent beauty, the unique character of bronze makes it an ideal material for wine cellar doors. Resistant to tarnishing, corrosion and humidity, bronze is far more durable than alternative materials like iron or steel – especially when used for wine cellars.

All of our product lines feature authentic bronze extrusions and premium glass that are refined to complement even the most luxurious spaces. Each wine cellar door is built, assembled and quality tested by skilled craftspeople who combine traditional techniques with modern innovations. The result is inspired bespoke designs that are as elegant as they are envied.

Choosing the Design

RGS Bronze works directly with our dealers and purchasers to create custom designs suited to the needs of each individual. Though purchasers can choose from one of our four base offerings, each wine cellar door we create is unique. We carefully consider the purchaser’s project specifications and design inspirations to handcraft a true statement piece befitting the established aesthetic of their space, while adding value too.

However, it can be difficult to imagine a custom design without a grounded frame of reference, which is why our four product lines are ideal starting points for creating a signature wine cellar door.


As our newest wine cellar door, Revival compliments the most contemporary interior spaces in a decidedly modern manner. It features an Angle Frame and insulated glass to offer crisp lines, a narrow profile, and premium protection with no division bars. Revival combines minimalist design with reliable functionality to maintain optimal conditions within the cellar itself — without requiring a thermally broken frame.


Nexus & Omnia

Convenient configurations make Nexus and Omnia the perfect platforms for customization – and are the most popular choices. Unified-size doors, sidelights, transoms, insulated glass, thermally broken frames and a range of patina finishes allow these designs to integrate into any interior space. They are convenient solutions that can be quickly transformed into signature showpieces.


Our Lux product line is the finest choice for a truly unique custom wine cellar. Designed from the ground up for our most discerning purchasers, we tailor every inch of it to bring their design visions to life. We engage with purchasers through several Consulting Sessions to ensure their products are beyond authentic and completely new every time.

We understand there’s a lot to consider when designing a bespoke wine cellar door, which is why we are in constant communication with our purchasers and their dealers. This level of communication is necessary to ensure that no detail is overlooked, and even the smallest facets are considered in design and construction. It’s how we turn design visions into true-to-life showpieces that add value for years to come.

Storage Conditions

In addition to offering exceptional customization options and beautiful aesthetic appeal, RGS Bronze wine cellar doors also boast optimal storage conditions. Our designs excel at creating and maintaining the ideal environment for cherished wine collections. Solid bronze construction, insulated glass and weatherstripping all serve to keep temperature and humidity levels at a constant rate, as well as limit light exposure if needed.

RGS Bronze is proud to design and create signature wine cellar doors for designers, luxury homeowners and connoisseurs across America. Contact us today to learn more about our product lines and find dealers in Arizona, Colorado, Malibu, San Francisco Bay Area or Texas.

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