Why Choose Bronze?

Why Choose Bronze?

Why Bronze?

Bronze has been the quintessential tool of craftsmen, sculptors, artists, architects and designers for centuries. Its impact on humanity is so profound that they named an entire time period after it. From ancient Mesopotamian architecture to Donatello’s renowned sculpture of David, Rodin’s The Thinker, revolutionary art deco design and so much more, the timeless elegance, versatility and quality of bronze have made it universally cherished. It might not be as rare as gold or as precious as diamonds, but overlooking its visual and functional potential is a mistake you don’t want to make. Read on to learn why more designers and architects are using this material into their spaces today.


Wonderfully World-Class

Bronze has a history of use in some of the most famous and well-known works of art. And for good reason – its beautiful tone, lasting durability, and malleability not only make it an ideal material to work with but one that deserves to be featured in world-class spaces. Modern architects and designers around the world have come to appreciate the timeless value of bronze, and are choosing to use this versatile material in today’s most striking builds.

Take New York City’s Seagram Building for example. A prominent example of functional and modern architecture, its commanding presence and striking appearance are just as iconic today as they were in 1958 when it was built. It was the first building in the world to use extruded bronze on a facade, and no doubt brought this previously underrated material into the public eye. Flash forward to 2017 and you’ll see bronze being used in spectacular contemporary fashion. Just look at Cologne’s Historical Archive & Picture Library designed by world-renowned Waechter + Waechter Architects. The multi-edged facade made of architectural bronze creates an almost hypnotic effect of lighting and shadow that’s visually striking, and in fact, significantly contributes to the building’s energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Yet another testament to the timeless appeal, strength, and lasting value of bronze.

Designers are similarly utilizing more and more bronze in their interior space concepts. Whether used as an accent to complement a warm/neutral color palette or even prominently featured to create an inspiring focal point, they see bronze as a means of elevating the form and function of any interior space. Its versatility makes it a designer’s ideal choice for use in a varied range of home spaces. Just look at how they’ve used Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze designs in bathrooms, wine cellars, sittings rooms & enclosures.


The Best Of The Best

When it comes to strength, substance and style, bronze truly embodies the best of all worlds. As an alloy, bronze is mixture of several metals – meaning it retains the strength, ductility, and luster of all its substances without sacrificing the benefits of any of them. This makes bronze much more visually appealing, versatile and resistant to adverse conditions than traditional alternatives. Unlike steel or aluminum, bronze doesn’t rust. Instead, it oxidizes to develop a protective barrier that makes it practically impervious to the environment. It holds up to dirt, dust, damage, and water far better, which extends its applications both inside and outside the home. Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze shower doors, bathroom enclosures and wine cellars are excellent examples of this. Our handcrafted, high-quality bronze designs can withstand drastic changes in temperature and humidity without tarnishing, cracking, or losing their visual appeal. Their superb flexibility also allows them to be custom-shaped while their luxurious aesthetic adds refinement to any interior space. Which is precisely why designers continue to choose RGSB products over all others.

Moreover, RGSB’s signature non-corrosive bronze is built to stand up to the harshest environments, making it the best choice for home windows and doors. In fact, our high-strength and narrow-sightline builds allow for the construction of entire window walls. When paired with Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze doors, we can create bespoke systems with folding walls and UNS casements.  Whether it’s the muggy salt-filled air of Texas or the sweltering summers of Phoenix, our durable bronze designs can surely stand the test of time.

In addition to its inherent elegance and everlasting strength, bronze retains its value better than other materials. Think of it as an investment in your home rather than a simple stylistic choice. Significantly more sustainable and easy to maintain, bronze is a clear benefit to the architectural integrity and interior appeal of a residence. Those who enjoy a more traditional aesthetic may choose to allow the bronze to patina. Bronze develops this teal hue over lengthy periods of time, creating a timeless look that is synonymous with nobility and elegance – and further strengthens the bronze. If designers or homeowners prefer, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze can apply custom patina finishes for an aged look on our brand new designs.

In all, bronze is a timeless feature beloved by designers and architects for its superior strength, everlasting elegance and incredible versatility. Its universal appeal makes it an essential asset in the modern design toolkit, and RGSB’s 100% hand-made custom builds are making bronze the first choice for upscale contemporary living.

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