Secret Hollywood: Secluded living at 568 Chautauqua Blvd, Pacific Palisades

Secret Hollywood: Secluded living at 568 Chautauqua Blvd, Pacific Palisades

With a secluded coastal location on the west side of Los Angeles and yet just a stone’s throw from the bright lights of Hollywood, Pacific Palisades is one of California’s most sought-after addresses.

Known for its small-town feel, close-knit community, sweeping mountain views, and abundance of hiking trails, the neighborhood is home to many famous faces and awash with deluxe homes – of which David and Eliana Rokach’s development in the upscale neighborhood of Huntingdon is just one.

Sold in 2020 for a cool $24million, the sprawling property on Chautauqua Boulevard offers 13,543 square feet of living space with 9 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms on a generous plot with a large garden and terrace leading to an infinity pool.

Cinematic feel

Location is everything at this property—specifically, those views over the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Canyon. Therefore, it’s no surprise that fenestration design was a key consideration for Team Rokach as they unleashed their now-distinctive brand of architecture on this captivating project.

Despite its cavernous size and open concept layout, this home feels surprisingly intimate, with a series of interconnected living spaces arranged in front of expansive glazed openings that create a cinematic environment from which to drink in views of the landscape and sky.The natural corrosion-proof qualities of bronze made it the ideal choice for this coastal location. We were tasked with creating some statement windows finished in our signature charcoal patina, to blend seamlessly with the continental-style steel windows used elsewhere in the house.

Uninterrupted views

The first challenge was to design and build a set of solid bronze folding doors to be installed in the opening between the first-floor lounge area and the luxurious upper terrace.  When shut, the narrow sightlines of the doors ensure both the stunning views and the connection to nature are uninterrupted – and when folded back, they allow for unfettered, step-free access into the sun-drenched outdoor space.

Every element of this luxurious door set is manufactured in genuine, solid bronze, from the hinges to the door latches. The double-glazed frames are thermally-broken to ensure that winter or summer, the property interior maintains a comfortable ambient temperature and superb energy efficiency.

Luxury wine cellar

Downstairs, we were also tasked with designing a custom wine cellar to complement this luxury property’s fully-appointed chef’s kitchen. We used our Nexus system to create a simple enclosure that forms part of an internal passageway, creating a statement showcase for the owner’s wine collection and echoing the profile of the windows and doors elsewhere in the property.

Authentic style

A stunning example of laid-back, modern California living, the addition of bronze architectural products certainly brings an extra dimension to this iconic home, infusing the interiors with a sense of character and authenticity.  

Narrow sightlines, in particular, are essential for grounding the property in the landscape that forms such an integral part of its identity. Elite performance and a virtually maintenance-free system mean the lucky owners of this home can enjoy its timeless comfort and beauty for many years to come.

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