The Renaissance Review – November edition

The Renaissance Review – November edition

In the dark days of winter, windows take on a new significance – maximizing natural light during the day, and creating jewel-like vignettes of interior scenes by night. In this month’s edition of the Renaissance Review, we’re revisiting an architectural project in Oregon where the light-maximizing qualities of our windows were central to the design. We’re also exploring some of the reasons bronze windows are so characterful, and how we replicate these unique qualities in our shower enclosures and wine cellars. We hope you enjoy reading!

– Trevor Markham, President & Founder


Distinctive Projects and Collaborations

Design unleashed

It’s rare for an architect to have the opportunity to design with total freedom, unfettered by client briefs and budgets – so when designer Nancy Allen approached us for help to realize her vision for a unique property on Portland’s ‘Street of Dreams’ show home initiative, we didn’t need to be asked twice!

Discover how our beautiful bronze window and door systems complemented both the exterior design and the interior aesthetics of this beautiful property.

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Bespoke wine cellar

Great design isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about how things work, too. This client wanted an almost invisible look for their wine cellar, but they also needed an insulated solution for efficient cooling.

Our Revival range – with some careful consideration on how to hinge the doors – proved to be the perfect, barely-there solution. Find out more on our blog.

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Design inspiration: Where style meets substance

Authentic muntin bars are a key design feature of RGSB windows and doors. Unlike mock muntins, which are simply a gridded overlay placed on top of the glass, authentic muntins form part of the window frame. Each aperture is individually glazed to form a True Divided Light – a window with charm, structural integrity and superior light refraction properties.

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Gallery Shower Doors

Classic character, contemporary convenience

The only time we use mock muntin bars is for our Mooi shower enclosures, which give the customer the look and feel of a small-pane shower door, with all the convenience and hygiene benefits of frameless shower glass.

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Inspired partnerships with RGS

We’ve returned from warm and sunny Tampa after our brief soujourn at Bond Custom – and what a trip it was! We had the opportunity to connect with some of America’s most revered architects and designers and have returned with lots of new insights that will inform our own design process, as well as some exciting prospective projects to explore.

Sales dept growth

We’re well used to remodelling projects – but they’re not usually our own! Due to expansion of our sales team with the appointment of our Architectural Sales Specialist John Markham, our offices have undergone a little expansion that’s given the whole team more space and finally given our pre-production manager Chris his own desk!

Seeing is believing

At RGSB, we understand that the true beauty and character of solid bronze has to be seen to be believed – which is why our dealer sample boxes contain sample extrusions and our signature miniature window frames. Get in touch to request yours!

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Enhancing architecture with the beauty of bronze

Proud to put our name on it

Our solid bronze products are manufactured using the finest materials and the most refined processes – and only when we’re satisfied that our exacting standards have been reached do we put our name on them. Our new vertical mill is used to inscribe our logo on the lock plates for our windows and doors, allowing us to complete more finishing in less time.

Timeless beauty

What makes metal windows so beautiful? Slender frames allow architecture to sing; narrow sightlines blur the boundary between indoors and out; and glazing – regarded by many as the eyes of a building – takes center stage. Discover how solid bronze windows could enhance your next project with RGS Bronze.

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Exceeding expectations

At RGS Bronze, our relationships with dealers are a highly-prized asset. We go the extra mile to ensure that our dealers receive uncommonly good service that supports them to exceed the expectations of architects, designers and homeowners alike. Become an RGS dealer and discover:

  • Direct lead generation
  • Staff training
  • Expert installation support
  • On-site showroom visits
  • Personalized elevations & quote presentations

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