The Renaissance Manufacturing Process

Our process is completed largely by hand, with painstaking attention to detail that makes our products completely unique.  Each piece passes through many pairs of hands on its journey to completion.

Immersion Patination

Immersion patination is the first stage of our patina process, and involves placing the bronze extrusions in a chemical solution that accelerates the natural patina process.

Our Process

Our solid bronze extrusions are precision-machined, hand-finished and assembled right here at Renaissance – we only use dedicated delivery to ensure every product receives VIP care right to the point of delivery.

How the Design Came About

Our solid bronze window and door systems physical profile was inspired by a 100-year-old steel window archetypal of industrial settings across North America.

Why Bronze Came About

For practical and sustainability reasons, we knew steel wasn’t what our customers really needed. Our environmental conscience and our desire to differentiate made bronze the perfect choice.

We are Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze

Hand-crafted. Hand-assembled. Proudly American Made. Here’s a little insight into the time-honored process used to craft our solid bronze windows, shower doors and wine cellars.

The Patina Process

Our craftspeople guide each bronze extrusion through multiple spindles to break down its factory coating and prime the bronze for our signature patina solution. It’s the foundation of our products’ beautiful aesthetic.

The Patina Process Part 2

We carefully monitor every piece to achieve desired tones, be it dark charcoal or chestnut. This natural patina process means no two pieces are ever identical.

Download our catalog

Explore our range of captivating solid bronze architectural products in our product catalog.
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Our Dealers

We’re proud to partner with innovative window, kitchen, bathroom and wine cellar dealers nationwide, tapping into their hands-on expertise to bring the beauty and distinctiveness of genuine solid bronze to discerning homeowners, architects and designers.

In the majority of cases, your Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze journey will begin in one of their inspiring showrooms.  Our dealer network also provides measurement, delivery and installation (MDI) services worldwide.


What our customers say

"We've had excellent results with Renaissance GSB wine cellar walls and doors."

IWA Wine Accessories

"Renaissance GSB have showed quick response and masterful help through the whole process."

Shaun Spencer, Epic Custom Glass

"Their commitment to tackling complex designs, attention to detail, and excellent communication makes them a great company to partner with."

Jody Brown, Exclusive Windows & Doors of Austin

"Trevor Markham is a Master at his work."

These doors are handmade with much care and detail. The quality is top-notch.

G Woodward

"Trevor is artistic, a master craftsman and a total professional."

We love our wine cellar door and would recommend this company to anyone.

Karen Amo

"A family owned business with quality in mind. Great staff, elegant upshots."

Alen Rojas

"Beautiful work and a quick response to anything you need."


"A small manufacturer that does amazing work. Our wine cellar enclosure turned out beautiful! "

Emily Edwards