Nexus Wine Cellar Doors

Nexus Wine Cellar Doors

Many minions have been quietly hurrying around defining our wine cellar doors into three lines

Nexus: standardized sizes and connecting units providing shorter lead times
Omnia: customized sizes to fit most applications
Luxe: completely customized cellars where every piece needs individual attention

Each type of wine cellar door maintains the quality you admire.

The Nexus line provides a range of standardized sizes ready to fit the openings already found in your home while answering many of your requests including:

  • Full Packages All locks, hardware, flanges and frames included.
  • Reference Details Detailed drawings available online for specific product questions.
  • SOON: Pricing Available Online.
  • Standardized Sizes.
  • Same Quality Features.
  1. Thermally broken to maintain wine temperature
  2. Genuine Solid Bronze to match your Olympic metal.
  3. Natural finish which requires minimal maintenance.
  4. Made in Texas with American materials.

Now a toast to your new wine cellar door! Visit today

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