MOOI Shower Doors & Enclosures: A Walkthrough

MOOI Shower Doors & Enclosures: A Walkthrough

Proudly American-made to the highest standards of hand-craftsmanship and care, MOOI shower doors and spa enclosures from Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze are nothing short of industry-leading. Our MOOI products are built from authentic bronze to bring unique functional and stylistic benefits to the bathroom space. As a high copper alloy, bronze is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, meaning our MOOI products don’t mold, rust or corrode. Bronze is the ideal substance for bathrooms and shower areas, and has been used in these environments for millennia.

We take raw pieces of genuine solid bronze and turn them into true showpieces that offer real value. Through close collaborations with purchasers and dealers, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze designs and creates a range of bespoke MOOI products that never fail to exceed expectations. Read on to learn how we help discerning designers and luxury homeowners bring their dream bathrooms to life with MOOI shower doors and spa enclosures from RGS Bronze.

Shower Doors

We consider every detail when designing our MOOI shower doors and spa enclosures – and there are quite a few of them to consider. All MOOI shower doors are perfectly hand-crafted to push the boundaries of style and strength. Each features an ultra-narrow bronze framework that can be customized to suit any style and taste, making them flexible platforms to create even the most ambitious shower and spa spaces. But before we can begin handcrafting a bespoke product for our purchasers, we need to decide which of our MOOI shower doors will enhance their space the most.

MOOI Gridded

As the name suggests, MOOI Gridded doors are shower doors that use intersecting pieces of bronze to create a grid effect that improves strength while being visually striking. Similar to the authentic muntin bars used in our genuine bronze windows and exterior doors, this design style reduces the size of each glass unit within the door which makes them stronger than a single glass pane. In addition, it creates a beautiful and authentic design that exudes upscale appeal.

Our grids are fully bonded to the glass of MOOI shower doors. This allows purchasers to choose between having a grid on one or both sides of the pane. Double-sided grids make for a more authentic look, but single-sided grids make cleaning and maintenance easier from inside the shower. Finally, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze is America’s only supplier of gridded bronze shower doors, making MOOI Gridded a purchaser’s ideal choice for a distinctive custom shower door that is totally unique.

MOOI Blanc

Simply put, MOOI Blanc is a shower framed in genuine solid bronze. Unlike other framed showers, it doesn’t rust, mold or corrode — retaining its strength and style for years to come. MOOI Blanc adds genuine elegance to any bathroom space, and our natural brushed bronze is an ideal color match to unlacquered brass and other natural materials.


Our MOOI Rail products are as elegant as they are timeless. We’ve taken a minimalistic approach to their design and construction to create a genuine solid bronze frame that maximizes visibility with clear sightlines. It’s a fantastic option for those wanting a truly contemporary piece with the strength and ease of maintenance of bronze.

The inherent versatility of MOOI shower doors also allows them to be configured in a variety of different ways to offer even more personalization options. Whether it’s a functional approach to making the most of a shower/spa space or a purely aesthetic design choice, the possibilities are endless with:

  • Single and Double Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Fixed Panels
  • Outside Corners
  • Sidelites & Transoms (including steam transoms)

We also offer a range of distinctive bronze handles that pair perfectly with our bespoke MOOI products – for a truly elegant and completely custom showpiece. Purchasers can choose from Edge Pull, Bar Pull or Wrot Pull handle designs to evoke their signature sense of style. We work closely with our purchasers and their dealers to select product pairings that optimize functionality while bringing their design visions to life.

Glass & Patina

Once we’ve selected the right MOOI shower door design for a project, we again collaborate to determine the best combination of glass and bronze patina finish. All of our MOOI shower doors and spa enclosures come in a complete package of frame, glass and hardware, and we offer three types of glass to choose from:

  1. Shower Treated Glass
  2. Clear Tempered Glass
  3. Pattern Glass

Shower Treated Glass

This is a type tempered glass which uses a special coating that fuses to the surface during manufacturing, protecting it from damage caused by hard water, heat, humidity, soap residue and cleaning agents.

Clear Tempered Glass

Another type of tempered glass, Clear Tempered Glass is strengthened by heat. Through a process called annealing, it can be up to four times stronger than standard glass, but adjustments like resizing or reshaping cannot be done afterward.

Pattern Glass

Also known as textured glass, Patterned Glass is a more decorative choice that uses textures or patterns embossed onto one or both sides of the glass. These patterns break up light in a way that obscures objects behind the glass to increase privacy while enhancing the MOOI shower door’s aesthetic appeal.

Natural Patina

After the MOOI frame and glass are chosen, the final design element to consider is the natural patina finish. Rather than using traditional finishes like many other bronze manufacturers or fabricators, we celebrate the authentic beauty of bronze through a truly natural process – patina. Whether it’s a natural brush, charcoal patina, or something completely custom, our holistic method brings out beautiful natural colors hidden within the bronze itself to match any design vision. Learn more about our signature patina process here.

Our MOOI shower doors and spa enclosures turn raw bronze extrusions into genuine bronze showpieces our purchasers are proud to call their own. Contact us today to learn more about our MOOI product lines, or find dealers in Arizona, Colorado, Malibu, San Francisco Bay Area or Texas.

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