Introducing Bronze Shower Doors

Introducing Bronze Shower Doors

Meet The Designs That Shower You In Luxury

Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze hand-builds an array of products that are cherished as something more than mere products – but as fine works of art. We imbue each of our designs with the heritage of our craft to create timeless pieces purchasers are proud to call their own. By continuing this tradition of excellence, we pay tribute to a centuries-old practice while reimagining it for today’s most elegant interior spaces. Now, the limitless luxury of bronze is yours to discover with Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze shower doors and bathroom enclosures. Open your world to tasteful style, superb function and lasting value as we introduce you to some of our most-beloved bronze products.

Distinguished For Today’s Most Personal Spaces

We believe bathrooms are spaces designed for relaxation, revitalization and delicate refinement. Though many might share this notion, many mistakenly view the bathroom as a place of business and utility. However, if one ignores the overall feel of this space, one ignores the very things that make it so valued. Every fitting, every fixture and every feature must harmonize to create an air of ease and elegance. And the shower is perhaps the most important element of it all.


The shower is a place where we cleanse every aspect of ourselves – as we wash away our stresses, worries and anxieties. It’s where we can take comfort in complete peace of mind and indulge in the highest form of self-care. But it takes more than a nozzle and a shower curtain to make it this way. That’s why Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze creates bespoke shower doors and bathroom enclosures that raise the standards of refined elegance.


Our ultra-narrow bronze framework gives designers and luxury homeowners complete customization over their spaces, while our range of premium bronze finishes and custom patina options beautifully complement their established design styles. The result is a tailored showpiece that truly embodies each individual’s signature sense of style. Moreover, all our bronze frames are hand-made by expert craftspeople – meaning each piece we create has subtle imperfections that make them perfectly unique. These visual imperfections are true to the natural character of our bronze, so rest assured your Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze build is crafted to the highest standards of quality and care. Whether it’s a single door, full enclosure, steam transom, spa enclosure or a completely custom design, our bronze builds effortlessly elevate any bathroom. Adding a sense of luxurious refinement to unlock the full potential of these ever-important spaces.

Our Process Is Timeless

When you purchase a Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze shower door or bathroom enclosure, you are guaranteed a personalized design you will enjoy for years to come. Proudly American-made, our craftspeople use premium products and their years of expertise to offer the discerning designer and luxury homeowner valued longevity. The bronze, glass, and hardware we use throughout our designs far exceed the industry standard – combining to create something that is timeless in its aesthetic and its construction. But the secret to it all begins with our superior corrosion-resistant bronze.


Though the natural characteristics of bronze make it more resistant to moisture and salt water than luxury aluminum or steel, our corrosion-resistant bronze is the next evolution. Its added resilience is the ideal material to use in bathrooms and wet spaces, which is why we use it throughout our doors, frames and enclosures. In addition to its rigid form and unrivaled durability, its innate flexibility makes it a versatile solution that can be custom-formed to any interior specifications – offering virtually endless functionality to designers and homeowners.


Our glass and subtle hardware then provide the finishing touches to create sublime showpieces that are built to last. The glass we use is applied with a special factory sealant that helps reduce water spots and blemishes to keep shower doors and enclosures looking their best for longer. Finally, custom bronze handles and hardware seamlessly accentuate these elegant designs. All culminating to create artisanal fixtures that can stand the test of time.

Indulge in the essence of beauty, purpose and lasting value with adored designs that elegantly inspire. Download our catalog to learn more about Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze shower doors and bathroom enclosures, and call or email us today to find dealers in Austin, Texas, Phoenix or San Francisco.

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