Genuine Bronze Windows and Doors That Stand Apart

Genuine Bronze Windows and Doors That Stand Apart

Your Window Into Excellence

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then designs from Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze are windows into the most beautiful interior spaces – and frame the most stunning natural scenes. Proudly American-made and assembled at our facility in San Antonio, Texas, our creations reach the pinnacle of authentic bronze craftsmanship. Premium materials and precision engineering combine to create a full range of durable, functional and elegant products that offer real value through timeless longevity. Our bronze windows and doors are naturally beautiful in the most authentic ways possible. Now, discover windows of true distinction and learn why discerning designers and luxury homeowners choose Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze windows and doors above all others.

Framing Systems

Each of our framing systems is handcrafted from premium bronze extrusions which we refine into original showpieces that last a lifetime. We take great pride in everything we build and offer a complete package of frame, glass and hardware with every window style. Our windows and doors are much more than functional design additions – they are a luxury for any interior space.

Thermally Broken frames are our most popular offering, and for good reason. Essentially, these frames are engineered to better regulate the temperature between indoors and outdoors using what’s called a thermal break. Though windows are naturally inefficient insulators, Thermally Broken frames change that through clever and effective design. A thermal break acts as a barrier between the inside and the outside of a window frame – reducing heat transfer from one side to the other. Whether it’s the scorching heat of Phoenix in the summer or the sub-zero temperatures of winter in Maine, Thermally Broken window frames keep interior living spaces comfortable and consistent.

We’ve worked tirelessly to refine a product that is truly unique. Unlike many other manufacturers, our frames are constructed from genuine solid bronze with an authentic thermal break. In fact, there are very few metal windows available with true thermal breaks. When combined with bespoke workmanship and tailored design elements, our Thermally Broken frames are the clear choice. This style of frame is most commonly used on:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Window Walls
  • Fixed Windows
  • Folding Doors
  • Casements

Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze has the privilege of manufacturing and supplying products to heritage homes and buildings, which is why we also offer Non-thermally Broken window frames. Though these frames do not regulate heat as effectively as their more popular counterparts, they are the ideal choice to complement historic architecture and traditional interior spaces. Our Non-thermally Broken frames are constructed and styled similarly to our Thermally Broken frames but use monolithic glass. This gives the frame a more historic visual appeal to seamlessly match the aesthetic of spaces like century homes and historic buildings. This style of frame is most commonly used on:

  • Fixed Windows
  • Folding Windows
  • Window Walls
  • Casements

Mullions, Muntins & True Divided Light

All of our complete window packages use the highest quality materials and premium construction methods to create systems befitting the most upscale spaces. Our fixed windows, window walls and sliding doors use a choice of factory or field mullions to create undeniably luxurious products. These mullions join multiple panels of tempered Low-E glass together with narrow bronze extrusions to create window systems with narrow sightlines for impressive views.

In addition, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze windows feature authentic integrated muntin bars for a coveted design aesthetic that also achieves True Divided Light. Our muntin bars separate each piece of tempered Low-E glass within a window system, allowing each piece to have a distinct reflectance. This subtle distinction adds an authenticity that cannot be achieved by using a single pane of glass. True Divided Light windows reduce the size of each glass unit to also reduce the likelihood of glass breakage.

Though many windows use what appear to be integrated muntin bars, these are merely visual accents placed on the window’s exterior to create Simulated Divided Light. In contrast, our expert craftspeople carefully assemble each window by hand using premium glass and integrated muntin bars. Creating something beyond compare – genuine bronze windows with True Divided Light.


We use a signature waterproofing system throughout all of our exterior windows created for punch openings, that is, standalone windows sitting within a wall. Our unique Z-Fin design embeds the window and door waterproofing system directly into the surrounding surfaces. This creates a distinctive architectural appeal with very narrow sightlines while directly sealing into the building’s waterproofing system. The Z-Fin also connects the window and door’s glass and frame to the waterproofing material used on the walls – forming a continuous waterproof barrier throughout. Our distinctive frames are set in a copper Drain Pan, which catches any moisture or condensation. Moisture captured is channelled outside the building through a Water Diverter, protecting the structure from mold, moisture and mildew.

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